How did Driving for Better Business come about?

The Secretary of State for Transport asked the Motorists’ Forum how employers could be encouraged to give a higher priority to road safety for those who drive cars or vans for business purposes. Their key recommendations were:

  • The need to make employers aware that workplace Health and Safety Legislation applies equally to work-related travel and should be applied in the same way as in the workplace.
  • The need for a systematic programme of outreach designed to coordinate a network of employer champions drawn from public, private and voluntary sectors who will work through employer networks and associations to deliver awareness.

Motorists' Forum Report


Formally launched in April 2007, Driving for Better Business was a result of these recommendations.  The original programme of outreach has further developed into a campaign to recruit more organisations to champion Work Related Road Safety and engage with an ever increasing network of other employers.

How does the Campaign run?

From the outset the Secretary of State for Transport delegated the development and management of the business to business outreach programme to RoadSafe under contract to Department for Transport. In April 2009 following a short pilot Driving for Better Business was born and developed into a national campaign.  Subsequently the Department for Transport awarded RoadSafe a further 3 years of funding to run the campaign which uses advocates to promote the business benefits of managing work related work safety effectively.

Driving for Better Business is supported and guided by a steering group and a stakeholder forum, consisting of experts in Work Related Road Safety, business leaders, representatives of the transport industry and the Department of Transport and its agencies.

The Department for Transport wants to avoid imposing further legislation about Work Related Road Safety on business. It wants improve driving for work standards and believes it can do this by supporting business to communicate with business and demonstrate the commercial benefits of effective Work Related Road Safety - an innovative approach.

What is the Campaign trying to achieve?

Every day of the year more than 150 vehicles driven on company business crash. Every year there are 14,000 road deaths and serious injuries involving people at work. Business pays for this. With the new Road Safety Act on the statute book and the advent of the Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act in April 2008, the issue of Health and Safety in the workplace – the business vehicle – is something business employers are no longer able to ignore.

The aim of the campaign is to:

Raise awareness of the importance of work-related road safety in the business community and public sector by using advocates drawn from these communities to promote the business benefits of managing it effectively.

Where are we now?

RoadSafe is keen to recruit further champions and deploy them to deliver a business message about the benefits of managing work related road safety. We also need partner organisations, suppliers of fleet support services or road safety agencies to advocate good practice.

Could your organisation be a Business Champion or partner? Click here to see what this entails.