Case Study - LeasePlan UK Ltd.


Company Name: LeasePlan UK Ltd.
Business Sector: Contract Hire and Leasing
Postal Address: 165 Bath Road, Slough, Berks
Postcode: SL1 4AA
Fleet Size Overall:


HGV: 550 (3.5T and above)


Company Cars: 88741
Private vehicles used for business purposes: 17,000

Company Overview

LeasePlan UK Ltd, a member of LeasePlan Corporation NV Group, is part of the largest vehicle management group in the world. The group operates a fleet of more than 1.2 million vehicles and provides leasing and fleet management solutions in 29 countries and across five continents.

LeasePlan UK Ltd was established in 1979 and now operates a UK fleet in excess of 122,000 vehicles. LeasePlan UK Ltd provides dedicated services to specific market segments through its four brands:

  • LeasePlan
  • FleetLine
  • Network
  • Automotive Leasing.

Nature of Operation and Driving Activities

Lease Plan UK Ltd applies the same procedures for managing its internal work related road safety as those it offers its customers through the SafePlan product.

Organisational Structure

LeasePlan UK Ltd is organised into four separate brands, all dedicated to providing a bespoke service to different market segments:

LeasePlan - As a brand of LeasePlan UK Ltd, LeasePlan focuses on the needs of large UK and multinational companies operating fleets of more than 100 vehicles. LeasePlan delivers operational efficiency through total fleet cost management and market leading customer service.

Network is a specialist division of LeasePlan providing small businesses and private individuals with vehicle leasing solutions through a network of franchisees. With 25 years of experience in a highly competitive market, Network has developed a range of products and solutions that deliver the very best in value and service. Network manages and trains its franchisees to deliver the highest quality products and flexible finance solutions through the provision of five core funding options: contract hire, contract purchase, lease purchase, finance lease and Personal Contract Purchase (PCP).

Automotive Leasing specialises in delivering innovative, yet practical, vehicle leasing solutions for the public sector. As part of LeasePlan UK Ltd, Automotive Leasing delivers all the benefits you would expect from a market leading organisation. Yet, whilst benefiting from big company innovations, the positive values of a small business have consciously been maintained. We currently provide over 550 public sector bodies with an expert service aimed at helping them meet their performance plans and business objectives.

FleetLine is dedicated to providing small and medium sized companies with a fast, efficient and friendly vehicle leasing solution. Being part of the LeasePlan group means we can pass on the benefits of our purchasing power to our customers through competitive vehicle leasing offers, whilst always focusing on the needs of businesses with fleets between 1 - 100 vehicles. We also pride ourselves on high levels of service and advice. Our account management team proactively guide customers through the vehicle leasing market, advising on the most appropriate vehicles to fit individual needs whilst providing value for money, reliability and aiding employee retention.

Work Related Road Safety Policy and Procedures

LeasePlan UK Ltd has a proven track record in proactive fleet management, including major successes in helping its clients to implement duty of care strategies that improve safety whilst promoting financial efficiency.

SafePlan is a major new initiative from LeasePlan UK Ltd, delivering a cost-effective means of enhancing the safety of its customers’ drivers and the public while reducing exposure to duty of care related prosecutions. SafePlan services can be fully integrated with its customers’ existing risk management measures and provide an auditable suite of processes and reports that will minimise the risk of future prosecution.

SafePlan commits customers to the following principles:

  • All Employers with more than 5 full time employees must be compliant in all aspects of the rules, given by the Health and Safety Executive in relation to Occupational Road Risk.
  • Corporate risk management must be based on the principles contained in the Health and Safety Guidance 65 (HSG65) provided by the Health and Safety Executive.
  • Companies must have a comprehensive road risk assessment plan for both the organisation and all its employees believed to be driving at work, either in a company vehicle or in their own vehicle

Work Related Road Safety Guidance for drivers

This Section describes the briefing process offered to all LeasePlan customers as part of the SafePlan process. The same process is applied internally within LeasePlan to manage its own work related road safety requirements.

All customers are made aware of the requirements of existing legislation and Health and Safety Executive directives. This includes clearly identifying statutory employer responsibilities deriving from:

  • Health & Safety at Work Act 1974
  • Management of Health & Safety at Work Regulations 1992, updated 1999
  • Provision & Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 (PUWER)
  • Working Time Regulation
  • Road Traffic Act 198
  • Health & Safety Guidance 65 (HSG 65)
  • HSE Guidelines – Driving at Work - Managing Work Related Road Safety
  • ACPO Road Death Investigation Manual
  • The Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Acts 2007

In particular, directors’ responsibilities are reviewed in regards to their liabilities in relation to Gross Negligence Manslaughter; Negligence; Breach of Statutory Duty and Reverse Proof. Their accountability for the management of the “Grey Fleet” is also examined.

SafePlan identifies the areas of risk (as shown in the diagram below) but focuses specifically on managing the 4 areas of Policy - Driver – Vehicle - Journey. With this framework in place, fleet decision makers are in a position to independently manage the final area of risk associated with the journey.

The SafePlan process identifies the auditing, behavioral and fleet management requirements in the areas which its customers must focus on in order to deliver legal compliance. It is linked in to a web management system which provides customers the ability to update, review and manage all the information requirements associated with the process. The web management system also provides instant feed-back to managers on their company’s status in relation to legal compliance. In effect, it provides a detailed accounting and management process which will withstand legal scrutiny.








The SafePlan journey follows a cyclical process of assessment; review; analysis; planning; implementation and review against performance.

Specific examples of procedures

Through various elements of the SafePlan product the following number of vehicles are currently covered or due to be covered:

4000 existing vehicles
8000 ‘hot’ prospects vehicles
6500 ‘warm’ prospect vehicles

This represents a substantial number of companies who recognise the benefits of ‘Driving for Better Business’.

Auditing and review

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Performance measures

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Accident reduction

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Financial and other benefits

Through the management of over a million vehicles worldwide, LeasePlan has developed a unique insight into selecting the right funding and duty of care options to meet its customers’ strategic objectives. LeasePlan works with its customers to understand these options and show how their implementation will affect their business costs in the short, medium and longer term.

An evidence based example is as follows:

Example Return On Investment 2005 – 2006 statistics on a 300 vehicle fleet

  • Derived from introducing driver assessment, on-line and practical training, accident management data analysis and appropriate follow up action
  • 47% reduction in the number of accidents
  • Repair costs reduced by more than £8,000
  • 5% reduction in reversing incidents
  • 5% reduction in ‘at fault’ incidents
  • Reduction in theft/vandalism incidents
  • 12% reduction in costs associated with multiple incidents by driver
  • Less time away from work coupled with lower hire car costs added to the overall cost saving

Lessons learned

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Current and future developments

As the SafePlan product becomes more established further detailed case studies will be supplied to include financial benefits.

Additional information

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