Guidance on Reversing

Incidents during reversing manoeuvres are frequent.

  • To reduce the likelihood of reversing incidents in your company:
    • Fit additional mirrors, cameras or reversing sensors on large vehicles to improve visibility.
    • Make sure that vehicle reversing sites are clearly marked with warning signs and cordoned off with barriers if necessary.
    • Ensure that banksmen you may use are properly trained, wear reflective clothing and know where to stand in safety.
    • Carry out regular assessments of the reversing risks and implement any necessary measures.
  • Advise and train your drivers to:
    • Avoid reversing where possible.
    • Reduce the distance they need to reverse if reversing can't be avoided.
    • Avoid three point turns in side roads. It is usually safer to drive to the next roundabout.
    • Keep their mirrors clean and use them.
    • Avoid reversing where there are pedestrians.
    • Be aware of blind spots and small objects that may be out of sight.
    • Get out of the vehicle and check if they are uncertain.
    • Agree a signal for "stop" if they ask somebody to help them reverse.
    • Stop immediately if a banksman disappears from view.
    • Never rely on an alarm to clear an area of pedestrians or other road users.
  • Advise car and van drivers to reverse into parking spaces, not out of them.
  • Advise truck and bus drivers to follow on-site manoeuvring procedures.