Simon T.

Weekly News Roundup August 7

Campaign Director Simon Turner’s round up of the previous week’s stories that business owners and fleet risk managers should be reading.

More than 70,000 drivers caught using their mobile phone behind the wheel

04/08/2017 Fleet News

New data suggests that 70,945 penalties were issued to drivers caught using their mobile phone or a similar electronic device behind the wheel in 2016.

Fleets face missing out on potential gains from connected car data, says FleetCheck

02/08/2017 Fleet News

More clarity is needed if fleets are not to lose out on the “many potential gains” in efficiency, safety and environmental impact that could result from easy fleet access to their connected car data.

Third of drivers still flouting mobile phone rules

03/08/17 Fleet World

A third (34%) of drivers are still using their mobile phone without a hands-free set, with more than half a million motorists admitting to making calls on almost every journey they make.

Fleet and training: Even experienced fleet managers can benefit from training

01/08/2017 Fleet News

Even experienced fleet managers can benefit from training to keep pace with industry developments. Mobility, technology, legislation… the pace of change in fleet is so rapid that any decision-maker who is unwilling (or unable) to stay on top of developments will soon be left behind.

Could changing attitudes to driving from millennials pose a problem for fleets?

01/08/17 Fleet World

A growing trend amount young people not to take their driving test may provide a potential issue that fleets will need to factor in for the future, according to industry specialists.

LCV ‘rightsizing’ could make huge difference to fleet costs

01/08/17 Van Fleet World

Fleets are missing out on significant savings to running costs and operational efficiencies by not adopting a ‘rightsizing’ approach.

UK insurers concerned over grey area between ‘assisted’ and ‘automated’ driving systems

01/08/2017 Fleet News

The risk of ‘autonomous ambiguity’ over the differences between ‘assisted’ and ‘automated’ driver systems could lead to a short-term increase in collisions, warn UK insurers.

Telematics and in-cab cameras: pushing safety standards higher

01/08/2017 Commercial Fleet

Combined with telematics, on-board cameras can monitor driver performance while pushing safety standards higher, John Lewis reports.