Simon T.

Weekly News Roundup October 16

Majority of motorists want drink-drive limit reduced

09/10/17 Fleet World

The government is being urged again to lower the legal blood-alcohol limit in England and Wales as latest research shows the majority of drivers would back a reduction.

Unsolved ‘fraudulent claim’ prompts camera installation across A&T fleet

12/10/2017 Commercial Fleet

Following an unsolved fraudulent claim made against A&T Transport, it has installed ProVision cameras across its fleet.

‘Unprecedented’ UK traffic volumes cause 49% of motorists to consider changing jobs

12/10/2017 in Fleet News

As traffic volumes on UK roads continue to rise at “unprecedented rates” 49% of motorists have considered changing their job to avoid it.

Drivers warned not to rely solely on TPMS for tyre safety

13/10/17 Fleet World

Although the introduction of tyre pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) has brought valuable tyre safety benefits, drivers need to be aware of the technology can and can’t do.

MEPs call for new car safety tech to be fitted as standard

13/10/2017 Fleet News

The European Parliament’s Transport Committee has called for new cars to be fitted as standard with a range of life-saving technologies including automated emergency braking, intelligent speed assistance and intelligent seatbelt reminders in all seats.

Platooning leads the line-up at FTA Fleet Engineer Conference 2017

13/10/2017 Commercial Fleet

The opportunities and challenges of truck platooning will be among the hot topics up for discussion at the Freight Transport Association (FTA) Fleet Engineer Conference on November 28 at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry.