Simon T.

Weekly News Roundup October 9

Benchmarking aids fleet risk strategy, says LeasePlan

03/10/2017 Fleet News

There are an estimated three million company cars on the roads and roughly one in three will be involved in an accident each year. To help reduce downtime, save time and money, while also keeping vehicles and drivers in good conditions, LeasePlan says it is important to understand how to manage risks and accidents.

LeasePlan launches free fleet benchmarking tool

04/10/17 Fleet World

Fleet operators can now benchmark their fleet against LeasePlan’s UK vehicle fleet on three key areas to help assess how their operations are performing in three key areas of fleet management.

Fleet managers will ‘cease to exist’ unless they embrace big data

05/10/2017 Fleet News

The worlds of fleet management and travel management are colliding at a rapid rate driven by technology and big data that will underpin Business Mobility-as-a-Service (BMaaS). ICFM’s Big Data Masterclass analysed the changing landscape and how the unprecedented stream of information with the arrival of the connected car, the Internet of Things and the concept of BMaaS would help managers drive “unbelievable efficiencies” across their businesses.