Simon T.

Weekly News Roundup September 25

One in three UK businesses slow to adopt new technology

20/09/2017 Fleet News

Almost a third of businesses (31%) admit being slow to adopt technological innovations, according to a new study by TomTom Telematics. It showed that a third (32%) still use paper to store business-sensitive information and that more than half (53%) use spreadsheets.

Plug-in hybrid vehicles among the ‘highest-polluting’ company cars

20/09/2017 Fleet News

Newly-released data from TMC highlights worryingly-high fuel consumption and emissions in real-world driving for hybrid vehicles. The data has been released as official car registration figures for August show a 47% rise in hybrid car sales compared to last year, and some leasing companies report a 300% increase in orders for plug-in hybrids.

Tougher penalties fail to stop illegal use of mobile phones while driving

21/09/2017 Fleet News

A hard-core of motorists still admit to flouting the law by habitually using their handheld phones while driving despite penalties for the offence being doubled from March, new RAC research has found.

Fleet experts pool 76 years of knowledge at FML advice zone

21/09/2017 Fleet News

Fleet decision-makers will have an unprecedented opportunity to learn from their peers at Fleet Management Live (FML) in a new Fleet Advice Centre run by members of the FML advisory board. Five leading fleet managers, including Alison Moriarty, fleet risk and compliance manager at Skanska, Stewart Lightbody, head of fleet services at Anglian Water and Dale Eynon, director Defra Group Fleet Services, have agreed to give up their time to offer free one-to-one consultations to organisations running vehicle fleets about issues they are facing.