Van owners face £54million MOT repair bill from tomorrow

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MOTs - lockdown exemption lifted An estimated 1.2 million vans had their MOTs postponed during the COVID-19 lockdown exemption, which lifts on August 1 2020, according to an investigation by Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles. The brand is urging drivers to get vans checked and repaired safely and professionally. Analysis of historical MOT test figures show

Has COVID-19 accelerated the drive for sustainable mobility?

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Sustainable mobility Has COVID-19 accelerated the drive for sustainable mobility? Figures for the first half of 2020 show a marked decline in new car sales, which was to be expected during lockdown but, hidden in there, is an equally significant rise in the sales of battery electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles. For June in

As lockdown is lifted make sure your fleet housekeeping is in order

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Business survival after COVID-19 As uncertainty continues in relation to the country’s route through the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses are fighting for survival. Weeks of lockdown have turned into months, and organisations across many different sectors are coming to terms with what could turn out to be truly monumental changes to the way they

People power keeps van heroes moving

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Van Heroes working harder than ever The nation’s van community is working harder than ever on the front line to deliver more medical supplies, groceries, essential goods and parcels – but it has come at considerable personal cost, according to Mercedes-Benz Vans. Biz Barometer report Their Business Barometer report is a nationwide quarterly survey

Bringing drivers and vehicles back to work safely

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What is the 'new normal'? What will ‘normal’ look like post-lockdown? There is renewed focus on getting us back to work – but there is no doubt that this will introduce new challenges in its own right. For organisations that manage fleets of vehicles, one central challenge is how to reinstate vehicles that have

Business resilience more important than ever following COVID-19

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Grappling with the future of your business Business resilience and continuity have never before been such high-profile, high-stakes issues, across a myriad of corporate sectors. Organisations are grappling with the twin challenges of maintaining customer relationships amid drastic changes to their normal operations, while looking after their staff at a time of huge uncertainty.

Vehicle maintenance during lockdown – the perils

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Vehicle maintenance during lockdown is a challenge. Of course, it should always be a key priority for fleet operators. Ensuring your vehicles are roadworthy is a critical element of compliance with legal and regulatory frameworks, of reliable service provision to customers, and in keeping your drivers safe and protected at work. The perils of

Are you Ready for the Road? Back to work road safety

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In anticipation of increasing numbers of vehicles returning to the roads following the Government’s announcement on easing of Lockdown restrictions, a new national campaign is asking road users if they are #ReadyForTheRoad? and seeks to help all road users stay safe as they return to work after the lockdown. Are you #ReadyForTheRoad? Launched this

Aggressive driving could undermine air quality standards

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More work is needed to understand the impact of aggressive and ‘unusual’ driving events on vehicle emissions to avoid impacting on air quality goals. So says Emissions Analytics as its research find that emissions at high speed can peak at more than ten times typical levels of nitrogen oxides (NOx) pollutants. Read the full story in

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