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Van Drivers & Operators: who’s aware?

9th August 2021

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Show notes: Van Drivers & Van Operators

Simon Turner is joined in this podcast by Mark Cartwright from Highways England.

Mark was previously at the Freight Transport Association where he was head of vans and light commercial vehicles, and was the brains behind the van excellence programme.

He now brings over 30 years of experience to Highways England as head of their Commercial Vehicle Incident Prevention Team.

In this podcast I talk to Mark about the lack of awareness among some van drivers of their obligations – specifically around issues like overloading and vehicle maintenance.

We discuss why some van operators seem to think the rules don’t apply to them and various ways they and their van drivers can get caught out.

We talk about the new training and support resource for van operators that Mark’s team have developed in collaboration with Driving for Better Business to tackle driver wellbeing and driver communication challenges.

And finally we talk about the new Euro NCAP van safety ratings and why van operators should be demanding safer vehicles for their drivers.





Highways England resources for commercial vehicle operators and drivers


DfBB Resources: Loading and load security


CALM Driver


DfBB Van Driver Toolkit for Van Operators


Euro NCAP Van Safety Ratings



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