The Driver

The questions within this section encourage you to think about the staff you are placing behind the wheel and the level of risk they are exposed to – either as a result of their own competencies/characteristics, or the type of role or activity that they are undertaking as part of their job. Furthermore we explore the operational processes and procedures you currently have in place to manage your drivers.

Medical Issues

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Do you specifically check medical restrictions and do you check if any of your drivers are obliged to give evidence of a medical examination to ensure they are fit to drive?

Non-UK Licence Holders

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Do you have a procedure to ensure that any permanent or agency drivers who do not hold UK licences have received sufficient UK familiarisation training before being allowed to drive?

Driver Licence Checks

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Do you check with DVLA (either directly or via a business partner) the driving licences of your employed AND agency staff when they join and continue to monitor them at regular intervals?

Knowing Your Drivers

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Do you know how many drivers you have, and whether they drive company cars, vans, LGVs or are part of your grey fleet (privately-owned cars used for business journeys)?

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