The Driving for Better Business community is a broad church of business owners, fleet professionals, thought leaders and business networks.

The purpose of the community is to share ideas and good practice so that all may learn and improve how they manage employees who drive for work.

Managing drivers and vehicles isn’t an exact science, and every business has different challenges. Our Business Champions don’t profess to be experts who do everything right. What they do admit is that they understand where their own challenges lie, have implemented a range of activities which have improved their performance, and are happy to share what they’ve done to help others. They are also the first to admit that as their businesses have grown, one set of challenges has often simply been replaced with a different set – but the key to their success is measuring, monitoring and managing their drivers and vehicles.

These stories, and other resources, are all here on the website for use by the Driving for Better Business Community. We share advice from fleet professionals about how they have dealt with key issues. We share technical knowledge about vehicle safety systems, fleet monitoring tools and driver behavioural change. And we share thought leadership pieces on what the future might hold for employers whose staff drive for work.

Our community ranges from small businesses with just one or two drivers, large public sector organisations, right through to massive national and even international blue-chip businesses running tens of thousands of vehicles. There are resources and interesting articles to help those at every level. Sign up now for free to get immediate access. If you’re starting your journey, join the community to access the free resources you’ll need to get your organisation operating compliantly.

Once you can complete the Driving for Better Business Commitment, you then open up additional resources to help you improve your business and reduce costs event further.