Vehicle Risk Management

Driving for work is one of the highest-risk activities many employees undertake. As a driver or a passenger, they could be involved in a road traffic incident. That could put them or other road users at risk. We call that occupational road risk.

If your business currently operates, or would like to operate, in the rail industry, you will need to demonstrate that you manage your occupational road risk effectively, whether your business is a:

  • train operating company
  • freight operating company
  • infrastructure manager
  • infrastructure contractor
  • rail vehicle manufacturer
  • supplier to any of these

This means that you do everything that is required to meet the minimum levels of compliance.  Those requirements are set out in current guidance from the Health and Safety Executive and Department for Transport.

If your organisation has signed up to the rail industry’s Occupational Road Risk Management Charter, you are now in the right place to get started. We have a simple framework including a driving for work policy template that you can follow to ensure you are meeting the requirements. It is supported by a range of online tools and resources to help you see where you stand now, and what you need to do to make improvements.

The entire programme and resources are FREE TO ACCESS.

This programme is supported by the
rail industry’s Road Risk Group Group, which comprises:

How Driving for Better Business works

Driving for Better Business is a free programme with online tools and resources including a driving for work policy template and policy builder to help you demonstrate leadership in the management and reduction of occupational road risk

The rail industry is just one sector that recognises the importance of collaboration to improve safety performance and Driving for Better Business is working closely with RSSB to improve the management of occupational road risk throughout the rail sector.

Occupational road risk management, one of its priority areas for reducing risk, is included in the industry’s safety strategy document, Leading Health and Safety on Britain’s Railway (LHSBR).

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Sign the Charter

The rail industry has engaged it leaders in signing up to its Occupational Road Risk Management Charter. This charter includes signing up to Driving for Better Business and to ensuring that companies in the supply chain are also included

Occupational Road Risk Management Charter

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