“A world where those who use the roads for work do so safely, efficiently, and sustainably”

Driving for Better Business is a government-backed National Highways programme to help employers in both the private and public sectors reduce work-related road risk, control the associated costs and improve compliance with current legislation and guidance.

It is free to access and contains useful online tools and resources to help you:

  • evaluate practices,
  • strengthen culture,
  • enhance performance and demonstrate leadership in the management of work-related road risk.


To improve awareness of work related road risk, employers’ duty of care and employees’ responsibilities.


To bring about a radical change in how organisations think about work-related road risk.


To improve safety and reduce risk for all those who drive or ride for work, by promoting good management practice and demonstrating the significant business benefits.

What is Work-Related Road Risk?

At its simplest, it is the risk that one of your employees could be involved in a collision while driving for work, with the potential of injury to the driver or other road users.

  • It puts your staff at risk
  • It puts other road users at risk
  • It can cost your organisation a lot of money
  • It puts you, your organisation and your reputation at risk

You have a legal duty under ‘health & safety at work’ legislation to manage it properly.

Put simply, in order to comply with all this legislation:

  • Your organisation must not do anything that puts drivers at risk.
  • Your organisations work-related driving activities must not endanger other road users.
  • Directors must put appropriate policies and procedures in place to ensure this is so.
  • All employees must follow those policies and procedures at all times.

You also have a moral duty to ensure your staff get home safe and well at the end of each day.

Then there is the financial case because good management can help you make significant reductions in your operating costs.

Driving for Better Business is FREE to join and there are lots of FREE resources, guides and tools to help you…

REDUCE collision repair costs
REDUCE maintenance costs
REDUCE fleet insurance and excess costs
REDUCE third party claims costs
REDUCE fuel use and emissions
REDUCE business mileage claims
REDUCE replacement staff and vehicle costs
REDUCE hidden management and admin costs

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Support for Driving for Better Business

“The National Highways Driving for Better Business programme works across the public and private sectors to reduce work related road risk. This innovative and successful programme contributes to our vision that no-one will be harmed when working or travelling on the strategic road network.

Good quality engagement with our customers and key stakeholders is an essential part of improving safety on our roads and the programme highlights the key benefits of good management and leadership to reduce road risk. As we expand the programme further it will continue to encourage improved behaviour and standards on the road, and an increased understanding of the shared safety responsibility between those who build and maintain the roads, and those whose use them.”

Nick Harris, Chief Executive, National Highways

The success of the Driving for Better Business programme in building a strong dialogue with business communities and customers can be seen in the companies that sign up, the commitment to road safety made by the leaders of those companies, and the partners that join the programme.

Those employers that have shared case studies through the programme such as Heineken, McLaren, Meile, British Gas, and many contractors from our own supply chain, have demonstrated how good management practice can not only deliver a significant reduction in collisions resulting in safer roads for all, but also many impressive business benefits resulting in a more efficient and better performing organisation. It is heartening to see so many of those also espousing values similar to our own ‘Home Safe and Well’.

Mike Wilson, Chief Highways Engineer, National Highways
HSE Guidance on driving for work

Meet the people behind the Driving for Better Business programme