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How safe do you think your fleet is today?

When it comes to fleet confidence, it’s very easy to think that, because a fleet has been incident free for a while, everything must be fine. That can then lead to complacency – and an incident happening, seemingly out of nowhere.

With this fleet confidence footprint tool, all you have to do is say how confident you are about six basic statements regarding driver safety.

If you score high then great – keep it up, and aim to get even better. If you score lower than expected, try our Gap Analysis to see where you could make improvements.

Be as honest as possible with your answers. A low score is an indication that an incident may have been avoided more by luck than judgement – but it also gives you a great opportunity to make some significant improvements.

How confident are you that…

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Want to know how to improve your confidence?

If you’re not 100% confident in any of these areas, there could be some simple steps you could take to improve your policies and procedures.

Our Gap Analysis will show you all the mandatory requirements of managing driver safety, as well as showing you what good practice looks like.

Your scores will improve in no time.

Set up your company profile on the Driving for Better Business website and you’ll have access to our full driver safety risk management gap analysis plus a wealth of additional online resources and tools to help you fill any gaps.