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do so safely, efficiently, and sustainably”

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How can the Driving for Better Business framework help my organisation?

Why is this for me?

Driving is often seen as a consequence of a job rather than a safety-critical aspect yet it is one of the highest risk activities that most employees will ever undertake. Failure to manage that risk doesn’t just put drivers and other road users at risk. It can put directors and senior managers, reputations – even the business itself at risk.

Managing it well can bring significant benefits in terms of reducing risk, controlling costs and enhancing efficiency.

In short – it makes good business sense.

How it works
Working in or with the rail sector? 
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Benchmark your fleet

Use our free Driving for Better Business Benchmarking tool to find out how your fleet compares to others, and to the current best practice standards.

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Where are your management gaps?

Our free online gap analysis tool will help you identify any areas in your current management practices that could be improved.

It will also show you what activities are considered to be a minimum standard for legal compliance, and what leading employers and regulators would consider to be good practice.

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grey fleet management


Free to access expertise in our comprehensive online library, including our online gap analysis tool, to help you demonstrate leadership in the management and reduction of work-related road risk.

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van driving guidance

Van Driver Toolkit

It is a common misconception that there is no legislation governing van drivers and van operations. Reduce your risk, improve compliance and get the facts with these free driver training modules.

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CALM Driver

Free resources and driver packs to help your drivers through tough times. Our #CALMDriver scheme with recently won the award for Outstanding Product or Service at the Fleet News Awards 2021.

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