Your Driving for Better Business Journey

7 Steps to Better Management

Do any of your staff drive as part of their job?

Maybe you have a sales team, regional managers, service engineers, delivery drivers or even staff using their own cars for business journeys.

Driving is often seen as a consequence of a job rather than a safety-critical aspect yet it is well-established as one of the highest risk activities that most employees will ever undertake. Failure to manage that risk doesn’t just put drivers and other road users at risk. It can put directors and senior managers, reputations – even the business itself at risk.

The good news is that managing it well can bring significant benefits in terms of reducing risk, controlling costs and enhancing efficiency. In short – it makes good business sense.

Follow the steps below to improve how your organisation manages its work-related road risk.

DfBB 7 Steps
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Engage Leadership
Evaluate Practices
Strengthen Culture
Enhance Performance
Make a Commitment
Pursue Good Practice