Campaign Director Simon Turner’s round up of the previous week’s stories that business owners and fleet risk managers should be reading.

More than one in five fleets don’t have a road safety policy

13/07/17 Fleet World

The study by TomTom Telematics shows UK businesses are being left exposed by a lack of road safety policy, new research has revealed.

Government review recommends benefits overhaul for self-employed drivers

12/07/2017 Fleet News

Fleets that use self-employed drivers may have to start paying new employment benefits following a Government review.

ICFM masterclass to focus on how big data is changing fleet management

11/07/2017 Fleet News

ICFM is to focus on how big data is transforming the long-established fleet management model and how the unprecedented stream of information will help managers drive efficiencies in its next masterclass event on October 3.

Mobile phone drivers wouldn’t kick the habit even after causing an accident

10/07/17 Fleet World

Even causing an accident would not lead two in five drivers who use mobile phones behind the wheel to change their behaviour, new research suggests.