Our ‘Business Champions’ manage their work-related road risk effectively and have seen clear benefits from doing so. Their success in reducing collisions has brought them a range of benefits including lower insurance premiums, improved fuel efficiency, improved reputation and even reductions in recruitment costs due to lower staff churn because they are now better places to work.

Crucially, they have agreed to share their stories and act as an inspiration to other businesses. Business Champions get to take part in our events and network with peers, industry experts and other elite businesses at this level.

If you would like to become a Business Champion, you must be able to clearly demonstrate business benefits that have stemmed from their successful management of those employers who drive for work.


  • A ‘top down’ commitment to managing work-related road safety with a positive attitude and safety culture reflected throughout the organisation. A statement from the business MD or CEO supporting reinforcing this commitment should be shared with staff.
  • Formal policies together with internal reporting, measurement and control procedures for work-related road risk
  • Clear benefits that have stemmed from this approach such as a reduction in collisions and costs, lower insurance premiums or other significant benefits
  • A willingness to be part of our elite network and to share your story with others


  • Certificate proving ‘Business Champion’ status with photograph of presentation and sample press release to assist in publicising this award to your customers and trade press
  • Use of the Driving for Better Business Champion logo on your website, letterhead and email signatures
  • Listed as a Champion on the Driving for Better Business website
  • Your business promoted by Driving for Better Business as an inspiration to the management of other organisations
  • Opportunity to network with, and learn from, key industry figures at exclusive DfBB Champion events
  • Invitations to exclusive Driving for Better Business vehicle safety system driving and demonstration events

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