Kent FRS

Few vehicle fleets attract as much public attention as the fire and rescue service. Serving around 1.8 million people, Kent Fire & Rescue Service covers an area of 1,442 square miles and includes 250 miles of motorway and major trunk roads as well as the Channel Tunnel.

Fleet Size:

Drivers (total): 1,400

Fire Engines: 95

Marked response cars: 74

Marked pool cars: 89

Kent FRS

Business Benefits

  • 5% year on year reduction on insurance and maintenance costs
  • Capital cost reduction through improved fleet utilisation
  • Over 8,000 litres of fuel and 21,000kg of CO2 saved

“By using technology to defend our liability, legal costs savings have been significant. In cases where we are to blame, we are able to find out what happened quicker. This means we can learn much faster as an organisation.”

“With such a large fleet, we want to be as efficient and strive to deliver the best service we can. By attending Driving for Better Business (DfBB) workshops, we heard how other organisations improved. We picked up insider tips from DfBB Champions who had been along the same path and made a big difference.”

Sean Bone-Knell
Director Operations, Kent Fire & Rescue Service