Kier Highways is a specialist highways asset maintenance and management business, carrying out maintenance contracts and projects.

Fleet Size:

Drivers (total): 3,707

Company Cars: 687

Light Commercial Vehicles (LCV): 724

Large Goods Vehicles (HGV): 509

Grey Fleet: 262

Business Benefits (2015-2018)

  • Collision Frequency Rate down by 51%
  • Damage repair cost per vehicle down by 73%

Kier takes the safety of our employees and the public very seriously. We are recognised for safety excellence and have won many industry safety awards through valuing our people, our commitment to each other and our determination to ensure no injuries or fatalities arise as a consequence of our work or services we provide”

“In the year to June 2018 there were 1,770 people killed in road incidents, of which a third related to driving while on company business. This compares with 144 other fatalities whilst at work and clearly demonstrates there is a higher likelihood of our Kier staff coming to harm while driving rather than carrying out other work activities”

“Driver risk management plays an essential part, and as such, Group fleet and SHE have worked together in producing our own ‘Kier driver policy’ which has been endorsed by the Group Board. This policy is designed to keep staff and other road users safe, Kier’s fleet secure and to maintain our image and reputation.”

Joe Incutti
Acting Group Managing Director, Kier Highways

“Kier Highways as a forward thinking and collaborative organisation view implementation of the knowledge and best practice from the Driving for Better Business programme as a key driver to reducing road related safety incidents for our people and our supply chain partners.”

“We are enthusiastic about sharing our experiences and demonstrating the benefits we have achieved in improving work related road safety through intelligent use of our fleet information.”

John Edwards
Group Safety, Health, Environment and Assurance Director