Morgan Sindall

Fleet Size:

Company Cars: 978

Light Commercial Vehicles (LCV): 438

Grey Fleet: 1,238

Total number of Drivers: 3,129

Driver CPC holders: 44

Morgan Sindall is the first new Business Champion being recognised today. They have seen benefits across the board including total cost of claims down by 18% in just 12 months and fuel efficiency up 9.5% as a result of safer driving.

“The safety of our colleagues and other road users is of utmost importance. Everything we do as a business centres on our commitment to being 100% Safe. The investment we have made in training initiatives and in telematics has helped reinforce this message in all aspects of our business.”

Simon Smith
Managing Director, Morgan Sindall Infrastructure

“My priority is the safety of our employees as they carry out their daily work, which in turn impacts positively on the users of the roads that we work on. The Driving for Better Business initiative is a key priority for me, and one that is embedded within our culture through education and focus on safe working practices.”

Paul Gott
Managing Director – Highways, Morgan Sindall Infrastructure