The Highways England Commercial Vehicle Incident Prevention Team is collaborating on a range of intiatives to improve safety for drivers and operators of commercial vehicles as well as other road users.

This suite of case studies includes:

  1. Operation Tramline – Targeting dangerous driver behaviour
  2. Driver fatigue – Roadside checks of drivers’ hours
  3. Improving commercial vehicle load security
  4. Highways England joint working with DVSA
  5. Driving in the UK – Providing information to overseas commercial vehicle drivers
  6. Load security for private motorists
  7. Prevention of diesel spillages
  8. Tyre technology and tyre debris
  9. Highways England DVSA data sharing partnership
  10. Highways England/DVSA joint working at Dartford
  11. Virtual reality blind spots smartphone app
  12. Joint working with Motorway Buddy
  13. North west commercial vehicle unit research pilot
  14. Prevention of HGV fires