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Driving for Better Safety is an eBook on assessing work-related road risk produced by SHP online in collaboration with Driving for Better Business. It looks at:

  • The dangers your drivers face on the roads
  • The likelihood that your business could be affected
  • How to decrease the risks
  • What best practice looks like
  • Case studies of those who do it well
  • The significant business benefits and cost reductions they have seen

What is Fleet Risk?
In simple terms, Fleet Risk is the likelihood or risk of a member of your organisation being involved in a collision whilst driving for business. This includes any injury to themselves, or other people involved in the collision, or any damage to property.

Why manage Fleet Risk?
If your organisation consists of five or more employees, under the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999, you are required to make written risk assessments of how your business activities could impact employees and others. The HSE states that any vehicle being driven for work is an extension of the workplace and so the same safety law applies, meaning the risks need to be managed as part of any workplace health and safety arrangements.

Even if you employ less than five people, you have a legal duty of care to ensure that your firm’s driving activities don’t put drivers or other road users at risk.