Evaluate Practices

Our free online gap analysis tool will help you identify any areas in your current management practices that could be improved. It will also show you what activities are considered to be a minimum standard for legal compliance, and what leading employers and regulators would consider to be good practice.

There are 4 sections on the main areas of risk:

Organisation risk management


This sections starts to build a picture of your organisation’s understanding of work-related road risk as well as the operational processes and procedures that need to be in place to manage the risk effectively.

Driver risk management


The section checks that your staff are eligible and competent to drive for work.

Vehicle Risk Management


This section explores the standards and systems you have in place to ensure all your vehicles are safe and legal.

Journey risk management


This section looks at whether external pressures may affect your driver’s ability to complete the journey safely.

plus 4 optional sections for non-standard risks:

Towing risk management


Do any of your drivers ever tow a trailer (loaded or unloaded) or plant behind a company vehicle or their own vehicle?

Specialist Vehicle risk management


Do any of your staff ever drive any specialist vehicles or operate under additional regulations or exemptions. This would include MEWPS, wide loads, cranes, etc or the transportation of hazardous goods.

Motorcycle risk management


Do any of your staff ride a motorcycle or quad bike as part of their role, either on or off road?


Do you outsource or procure transport services – vehicles and drivers controlled by other organisations and where you may still be required to manage the risk?