As more Facilities Departments find fleet management coming within their remit, it could fall to you to ensure that your organisation’s management of fleet risk is both effective and compliant.

Half of Company Directors get this right,
but half still get it wrong…

Which side is your organisation on?

Our latest research shows that many Company Directors don’t fully understand their duty of care for employees who drive on business.

53 Per Cent

of Company Directors demonstrated a fundamental misunderstanding of the law in a key area.

This means that in many organisations…

⇒ Crucial knowledge is lacking

⇒ Key obligations aren’t met

⇒ Business performance suffers

⇒ Operational costs run out of control

⇒ The company and its people are at risk

Facilities Managers

Martin Temple HSE

Martin Temple CBE
Chairman, Health and Safety Executive

“We have the powers to go up the chain of activities to bring to account those people and organisations who put drivers and the public at risk by the unreasonable conditions they impose on their drivers”

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