Statement from James Haluch, Managing Director, Highways

“Amey is one of the largest and most diverse companies working for the public and regulated sectors in the UK, with the ultimate aim of creating better places for people to live, work and travel. To help us deliver this aim, the Amey Executive Team, fully support the work of our Group Fleet & Plant Team in their work in improving the safety, efficiency and professionalism of our employees and supply chain partners who are driving at work”

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Gateshead Council

Statement from Colin Huntington, Services Director, Street Scene

“Gateshead Council and its partners have a reputation for delivering achievement, innovation and vision. In these times of financial constraint, we have challenges which will only be achieved by everyone within the organisation working together and doing things right.

The Council through its “Streets Scene” support department, have demonstrated the financial and operational benefits that can be achieved, through the way that we manage staff and vehicles in respect of all road related operations and its risk

We have been involved with Driving for Better Business for a number of years and have benefited from excellent support in our efforts to improve work-related road risk. They offer valuable resources and opportunities for information sharing.”

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Iron Mountain

Statement from John Ball, Vice President Operations Executive for Western Europe

“Safety is at the top of the agenda within Iron Mountain with the area of transport being a key part. The teams across all our geographies continually focus on Drivers and Vehicles utilising the many processes and procedures put in place by the Fleet Safety Team. As an organisation we focus on continuous improvement across all aspects of our operations with safety a key area, we also adopt a very structured auditing process to ensure compliance.

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Statement from Joe Masters, Transport Manager

“Managing road risk is essential because as a fleet manager your worst-case scenario is a fatality. Even if it was not our driver’s fault, if we hadn’t done everything in our power to prevent it, I’m not sure I could live with that.

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National Highways

Statement from Martin Edgecox, National Fleet Manager

This decarbonisation journey is very important to us because it links into the organisation’s overall carbon strategy. However, it’s also a chance for us to show how we are always improving what we do. Our fleet are the unsung heroes of the strategic road network, and we work extremely hard to make sure they can work efficiently, safely and reliably. Since we switched to hybrids we have definitely had a more resilient fleet, and that translates to better service.

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Statement from John Anderson, National Logistics Director

“As a leading responsible business with a nationwide fleet of HGVs, we are committed to advancing improvements to ensure that we maintain the highest possible standard for our fleet and anyone operating on behalf of Tarmac.

Driving is recognised as one of the most hazardous activities that many of us will do during our working lives. Managing and mitigating work-related road risks is of paramount importance to us – with an ongoing emphasis on driver training and on influencing road user behaviour in order to prevent accidents happening.

We’re always looking for ways to boost safety and enhance productivity, as well as introducing technology that allows us to enhance the driver and customer experience.

We recognise that health and safety measures need to be continually reviewed and updated to guarantee that we maintain the highest possible standard for our fleet and for anyone operating on behalf of Tarmac. Collaboration is key and we’re proud to be working with partners, such as Driving for Better Business, National Highways and Masternaut, to maximise opportunities and drive improvements in this area.”

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Mclaren Automotive

Statement from Mike Flewitt, Chief Executive

“People are at the heart of McLaren Automotive Limited; it is the passion and dedication of our people that has enabled us to achieve the extraordinary success we experience as a business and as a brand.The health, safety and welfare of our people is fundamental to our continued success and this brings us to acknowledge that driving for work is a high risk activity that we need to manage.

I have a vision of excellence in driving standards that reflects us as a brand. Be it in the neatness that we park, the respectful manner in which we drive through a city centre, the clinical structure as we drive in convoy, the way we demonstrate the full performance of our vehicles on track; all driving should be done in a McLaren way, to a standard of excellence admired by onlookers.”

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