Make a Commitment

Good leaders recognise that effective management of people is central to the success of any organisation – and when it comes to driving for work, it’s not just about management of drivers, but anyone whose role may impact upon the driver such as line managers, work schedulers or vehicle engineers.

Effective leaders…

  • manage business risk effectively through strong values because it’s the right thing to do;
  • ensure the performance of the company is monitored for continuous improvement;
  • and invest in staff who, in return, feel valued and perform to a high level.

Importantly they demonstrate that leadership clearly in all engagement with their employees, through all the statements they make and all the actions they take.

Managing road risk is on the agenda at regular scheduled board meetings with regular reporting of collisions and costs which they build into a series of KPIs for people at all levels of the business.

The importance to the business of managing work-related road risk is conveyed through a published leadership statement in the company’s driving for work policy. Leading by example is key to the authenticity and power of this statement.