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Driver Distraction: An inconvenient truth

9th September 2021

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Show notes: Driver Distraction

In this episode of Let’s Talk Fleet Risk, Simon Turner discusses the thorny issue of driver distraction with Dr Gemma Briggs from the Open University.

Gemma is an applied cognitive psychologist who has been researching driver inattention for over 15 years. She has lectured and written extensively on the attentional and perceptual issues caused by phone use when driving and has worked closely with several road safety charities to promote and share research findings.

Gemma and Simon discuss why a driver on the phone will suffer from ‘inattention blindness’

What does the science say about our ability to multitask and take a call while driving?

They look at the shared responsibility between employers and drivers, and their social responsibility to other road users, and discuss how management can often undermine the whole process.

Finally they look at some of the free resources that are available to help employers and drivers to understand and combat distracted driving





Driving for Better Business Resources on driver distraction and using mobile phones while driving
Search Results – Driving for Better Business

Driving change website

Can you count the cars challenge

The mobile office challenge

Video on distracted driving
This was linked to a brainteaser task where people are asked to rate the behaviours in order of danger when driving.

The Inconvenient Truth About Mobile Phone Distraction: Understanding the Means, Motive and Opportunity for Driver Resistance to Legal and Safety Messages

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