The Company

The aim of the questions in this section is to build a picture of your fleet, the structure of your fleet management hierarchy and the operational processes and procedures you are currently working to when it comes to vehicles and drivers.

Supply Chain

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Do you ensure that companies in your supply chain manage work-related road-safety to at least the same level as your own business?

The True Business Costs

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Do directors and managers understand the true costs to the business from poor management of drivers and vehicles, and the subsequent benefits that come from manging it well?

Recording Fleet Activity

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Do you have an adequate system in place to record all fleet activity, thereby building a robust audit trail that could be referred to in the event of an investigation?

Driver Handbook

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Are all personnel issued with a handbook explaining how these standards are to be achieved?

Staff Induction

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Is the company's policy featured as part of an induction programme?

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