The Driver

The questions within this section encourage you to think about the staff you are placing behind the wheel and the level of risk they are exposed to – either as a result of their own competencies/characteristics, or the type of role or activity that they are undertaking as part of their job. Furthermore we explore the operational processes and procedures you currently have in place to manage your drivers.

Following A Breakdown

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Do drivers know what specific actions to take for their own safety following a breakdown of their vehicle?

Use of Mobile Phones

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Do you prohibit the use of mobile phones while driving, even if hands-free?

Specialist Vehicles

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Do you provide training for drivers of specialist vehicles (including standard vans) or who are required to tow as part of their driving duties? If your fleet contains only cars, tick 'yes' to indicate no risk.

Young Drivers

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Do you pay extra attention to drivers aged between 17 and 25? If not applicable, tick 'yes' to indicate no risk.

Driver Competency

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Do you formally evaluate driver competency before allowing them to drive on business?

Eyesight Requirements

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Do you check that your drivers satisfy the eyesight requirements set out in The Highway Code and at least on a 2-yearly basis?

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