The Journey

In this section we will concentrate on the processes, systems and controls that come into effect once the driver is behind the wheel and the vehicle is out on the road. Driver fatigue can be a big challenge and this issue needs to be addressed comprehensively.

Driving in Adverse Weather

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Are you confident that drivers don't feel pressurised to complete journeys where weather conditions are exceptionally difficult?

Overnight Stays

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Do you have an official policy authorising an overnight stay at the company’s expense where journey distance or overall working/driving hours exceed a reasonable pre-determined limit?

Driving at Unsocial Hours

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Do you specifically discourage employees from driving at unsocial hours commonly linked with a rise in incidents, such as between 2am and 6am, where it isn’t a necessity (such as overnight delivery)?

Total Driver’s Hours

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Do you apply adequate limits on the length of drivers' working days including both work time and driving/commuting time?

Realistic Work Schedules

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Are you satisfied that work schedules are realistic and don't give drivers a reason to take risks or exceed speed limits?

Satellite Navigation

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Do you provide your drivers with a satellite navigation system, either portable or built into the vehicle?

High-Risk Journey Routes

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Do you risk assess common journey routes to check for known high-risk locations such as schools or incident blackspots?

Alternatives to Driving

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Do you actively encourage your car drivers to use other methods of transport or telephone/video conferencing options instead of driving to improve productivity?

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