The Vehicle

In this section we will help you examine the systems, processes, culture and hierarchy you have in place when it comes to running safe, legal vehicles.

Privately-Owned Vehicle Insurance

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Are procedures in place to check the insurance cover of every driver using their own vehicle for work journeys, however infrequently?

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

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Do you allow drivers of company cars to specify optional vehicle safety or advanced driver assistance systems even if they come at extra cost?

EuroNCAP Safety Rating

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Do you insist on only purchasing/leasing/hiring vehicles that have attained a 5-star EuroNCAP rating and which include the latest safety features such as autonomous emergency braking?

Vehicle Loading

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Are your drivers trained to ensure their vehicles are not travelling overweight and that loads are always properly secured? Car drivers should also be advised about loose loads in the cabin, and if carrying large or heavy products or samples.

New Vehicle Checks

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Is there a detailed procedure for drivers to check the condition of a new/another vehicle upon delivery?

Advisory Repairs

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Do you record and action garage advisory repairs within the recommended time/mileage parameters?

Vehicle Servicing

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Do you ensure your vehicles are always serviced within the manufacturer's recommended guidelines and MOTd on time?

Vehicle Standards

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Are policies and procedures in place to check, either regularly or randomly, to ensure vehicle standards are maintained?

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