Vehicle Management

Speedy Hire – Vehicle Equipment

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Speedy Services invests extensively in safety kit for its commercial vehicles. Its vehicles are equipped with: Front and rear crash protection (autonomous emergency braking systems) HALO systems which project illuminated turning areas onto the road and also for the use of tail-lifts AI-enhanced Side Scan sensors which alert the driver to the presence of an

TES 2000 – Defect Reporting

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He reworked the drivers’ handbook and instituted an audit trail to ensure it had been read, which the fleet was previously lacking. A driver app called Veho Check allowed easy dissemination of the handbook. The app also facilitates daily vehicle checks, with a specific procedure drivers must follow, and which is completed with an electronic

AES – Vehicle Management

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He believes the fleet’s running costs are also reduced by approximately 25% each year through preventative maintenance. “Reactive maintenance is always more expensive and creates unplanned downtime.” He cites brake pads as an example. If they are regularly checked and replaced, not only will the vehicle brake efficiently and safely but the discs won’t become

Tyre advice for truck fleets facing extended lay up

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Michelin has issued special guidance for haulage companies and own-account operators parking fleets for extended periods during the COVID-19 pandemic. This follows a survey by the Road Haulage Association which revealed 46 per cent of the UK’s trucks – around 240,000 vehicles – are now parked up with no work.

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