Driving for Better Business

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This session was recorded at The Health & Safety Event 2021 and features Tony Greenidge - CEO, IAM Roadsmart

Driving for Better Business

A good practice approach to developing safety culture

While there are many things that can be measured and improved, one of the key metrics is Accident Frequency Rate or AFR. If you aren’t measuring it, you aren’t managing it!

Driving for Better Business

Accident Frequency Rates

AES business benefits from road risk management include:

  • Cheaper insurance year on year
  • 25% cheaper running costs
  • Better brand credibility
  • No public complaints about poor driving in several years
  • Immediate evidence should a claim occur with rapid first notification of loss
  • No collisions in four years
  • No unscheduled downtime
  • Less absenteeism
  • Peace of mind

Driving for Better Business

AES – Business Benefits

AES also takes an active interest in driver welfare and mental health. Drivers have accommodation provided after long journeys, so they do not drive when tired. Both senior managers have taken mental health awareness training, so they know how to offer appropriate support. “A van is a tool. However, if you put someone tired or unwell behind the wheel it is a weapon,” Richard says. “My ethos is about getting everybody home safe to their families every night. That’s my underlying goal,” he adds. “We do everything we can to make that happen – and that’s the ultimate business benefit.”

Driving for Better Business

AES – Driver Wellbeing

The company does not sell any compliance solution it doesn’t use itself and its risk management starts by checking all driver licences regularly through FleetCheck. It trains all its drivers in thorough walk-round checks and defect reporting every morning and keeps a spare vehicle on fleet so that any defects can be addressed rapidly without a loss of productivity.

Driving for Better Business

AES – Licence Checking