Good Practice Case Study Business Benefits - Auto Windscreens

Auto Windscreens – Business Benefits

  • 19% cut in cost of collisions.
  • Incidents per 100,000 miles dropped from 2.8 (2019) to 1.7 (2022).
Auto Windscreens has 72 sites working across 24 geographical areas. Its technicians visit customers’ homes and workplaces to repair and replace vehicle glass, and an increasing proportion of work is conducted at the company’s own sites, primarily for ADAS calibration and more complex jobs. The business therefore has a large footprint across the UK. Its mobile technicians keep their LCVs at home, travel into their local centre for necessary supplies and conduct repairs at a variety of locations before returning home at the end of their shift. This brings the dual challenges of a remote fleet and a remote workforce. Although more than 40% of its work is now conducted at its service centres, the fleet has continued to expand due to increasing demand. The 50 company cars are primarily given as part of a recruitment package to senior managers, although some users have operational or sales roles.

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