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Commercial Vehicle Incident Prevention

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Bridge strikes can cause injury, delays and damage. Share this safety card with your drivers.

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Driver Safety Card: Bridge Strike Prevention

The blind spot safety card contains information aimed at commercial vehicle drivers and driver trainers. It can also be used by operators and transport managers to distribute to fleets of all sizes.

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Blind Spot Info: HGV and Van Drivers

This blind spot information leaflets is aimed at car drivers, encouraging better awareness and safe driving around commercial vehicles.

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HGV Blind Spot Info for Car Drivers

An introduction to Highways England’s Commercial Vehicle Incident Prevention Programme including initiatives aimed at tackling the main causes of incidents involving commercial vehicles.

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Commercial Vehicle Incident Prevention Programme

The Highways England Commercial Vehicle Incident Prevention Team is collaborating on a range of initiatives to improve safety for drivers and operators of commercial vehicles as well as other road users.

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Commercial Vehicle Incident Prevention Case Studies

When there is a diesel spillage on the Strategic Road Network (SRN) it has a financial, social, environmental and economic impact. The repercussions affect those directly involved, other drivers and the UK economy.

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The cost and impact of diesel spillages

Webbing ratchet straps can be used to secure most types of loads, but it’s 5518 important to make sure that you use and store them properly for safe loading.

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Ratchet straps: What you need to know

Unsafe loads on vehicles injure more than 1,200 people a year and cost UK businesses millions of pounds in damaged goods. Share this safety card with your drivers.

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Securing Loads on Flatbed Vehicles

Driving is one of the most complex tasks we do in everyday life. It requires attention, decision-making, situational awareness and physical coordination. Several factors can impact on our ability to perform at our best when we are driving. One of these factors is driver fatigue.

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Why Driving Fatigued Matters and What We Can Do About It