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Did you know? Leaving the engine running while stationary, or ‘engine idling’ to defrost windows is an offence under Rule 123 of The Highway Code and authorities have the power to issue £20 fixed penalties for any contravention. Rule 229 of the Highway Code says: “Before you set off...

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Van Driver Toolkit – Winter Driving

Winter can be a very dangerous time for all fleet drivers due to extreme weather conditions and the added pressure this brings. We've creating these tips for winter driving using our vast data warehouse of incident data from all our fleet customers.

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Winter Driving Insights

Poster featuring useful info on driving in winter to share with your drivers: What to pack and things to be aware of?

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Poster: Preparing for driving in the winter

Did you know? One of the biggest hazards and challenges of Spring driving is low sun. You must ensure you can see where you are going. Use the vehicle’s sun visor and wear sunglasses to minimise glare. You must ensure your windscreen is kept clean and your washer and wipers are working...

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Van Driver Toolkit – Spring Driving

The NFU works hard to promote safety on rural roads, particularly at peak use times such as harvest and during winter weather. See our latest news, information and member briefings.


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Did you know? 1 in 5 accidents are caused by tiredness. Peak times for fatigue-related crashes are within the hours of 02.00-06.00 and 14.00-16.00. Sleeping just 4-5 hours a night for a week impairs performance to the same extent as being legally over the alcohol limit. 83% of van...

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Van Driver Toolkit – Driver Fatigue