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Strengthening Culture

Staff Induction

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Understand the research evidence for recruiting and selecting safe drivers. Discover the challenges associated with traditional driver selection methods. Learn how to use psychometric assessments to improve driver selection and recruitment.


Best Practice in Recruiting Safer Drivers

In December 2020 Mick met with his insurance company, AXA Connect, to go over the company incident figures. He assured them that he could reduce the company’s work-related road risk but required their help and they responded by providing 50% of the funding for driver training. TES brought in a...

Driving for Better Business

TES 2000 – Driver Training

This session was recorded at The Health & Safety Event 2021 and features Dr Julie Gandolfi - DriverMetrics

Driving for Better Business

Recruiting safer drivers

Miele’s car drivers tend to plan their own schedules, while the van fleet is scheduled by Head Office. Mandy says the drivers themselves were keen to engage with the idea of fleet safety, but organisationally she realised Miele was lacking key governance components. When the previous fleet...

Driving for Better Business

Miele – Fleet Activity