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Demonstrating Leadership

Director Responsibilities

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Survey uncovers UK employers are risking the safety and well-being of those who drive for work . Study of 1,006 UK employees and 255 C-Suite (Executive Directors) highlights failures by UK bosses to implement driving for work policy.

Driving for Better Business

DfBB launches report on leadership in risk management

Transport firm has is O Licence revoked and is forced to close after driver caused death of cyclist by careless driving.

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Dr Suzanna Bull: Lorry company closed after cyclist’s death

It’s very easy to assume that driver safety is the responsibility of the driver however, when it all goes wrong, investigators will look up and down the full transport chain. Nina will look at how that responsibility is shared throughout the transport chain from the driver right up to the top of...

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Shared responsibility in the transport chain

Drivers that don’t exhibit the correct behaviours can present a big risk, both in safety, reputation and financial terms but good drivers can be very effective brand ambassadors. It is imperative that you have a strong safety culture and that this is promoted throughout the whole company. This...

Driving for Better Business

Why Leadership matters for a safe driving culture