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Demonstrating Leadership

Leadership Examples

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We examine business leader’s concerns over COVID-19 and how they are planning to improve business resilience.

Driving for Better Business

Business Resilience Report

Managing Director of Amey Highways and Driving for Better Business Ambassador, James Haluch, explains why leadership is so important to managing occupational road risk.


Leadership needed to change behaviour

Driving for Better Business

Balfour Beatty – Leadership in Fleet Safety

Tarmac is the UK’s leading sustainable building materials and construction solutions business. Transport and Logistics is an essential part of the Tarmac business, from sourcing materials from quarries to production sites to delivering materials to customer construction sites. Tarmac operates...

Driving for Better Business

Case Study – Tarmac

John Anderson, national logistics director for Tarmac, said: “As a leading responsible business with a nationwide fleet of HGVs, we are committed to advancing improvements to ensure that we maintain the highest possible standard for our fleet and anyone operating on behalf of...

Driving for Better Business

Tarmac – Leadership

Group Fleet Manager Matt Neale is responsible for the 500 light commercial vehicles used by another of Platform HG’s subsidiaries which services tenanted properties. Although all of Platform HG’s workforce is united by their overall status as part of the Platform HG charity, technically Matt...

Driving for Better Business

Platform Housing Group – Leadership

Matt has signed up for FORS as a way of improving protocols and professional standards. He says this supports the company in concentrating on the correct areas of education for drivers and their responsibilities.

Driving for Better Business

Platform Housing Group – FORS

When Mick Kiely took over management of TES 2000’s fleet, he studied the company’s fleet insurance and incident reports and realised he needed to take drastic action. Apart from a handful of flatbeds and crew cab vehicles, the rest of the fleet are LCVs which are used purely for employee...

Driving for Better Business

TES 2000 – Leadership

All employees from HR to admin do the same learning as the drivers, even if they’re only driving their own vehicles. Mick says you cannot ask someone to do something if you’re not prepared to do it yourself. Mick says it would not have been possible to achieve all of this without the...

Driving for Better Business

TES 2000 – Top Takeaways

WJ Group is a CLOCS champion, and its fleet is either FORS Silver or Bronze accredited depending upon the application. The UK Champions Awards 2022 – UK Fleet Champions – Fleet Safety Innovation Award 2022 Logistics UK LERS Leadership in Emissions Reduction Award 2020 It has also...

Driving for Better Business

WJ Group – Accreditations

Both Aaron and Gareth have cameras in their own vehicles to promote driver buy in. Some drivers were initially worried at the thought of ‘being watched’ but once assured that the footage is only consulted in the event of an incident or third-party claim, they accepted them. In fact the camera...

Driving for Better Business

Speedy Hire – Driver Buy-in