Recent roadside check events

A21 (East Sussex) – Johns Cross DVSA Site

9th May 2022

Sussex / Surrey Police CV Unit
National Highways

Issues found included:

  • Iveco 7.5t HGV – Words of advice on frame bolt corrosion and chassis mounts.
  • Renault 3.5t Luton – No MOT, excessive brake pad wear, £100 fine and words of advice.
  • DAF HGV Excel Curtainside – Front o/s brake disc cracked & screw in same wheel tyre.  Delayed prohibition, company contacted & alerted.
  • Ford Transit 3.5t flat bed – o/s front anti-roll bar not attached at wheel end, o/s rear inside tyre flat.  Delayed prohibition.  Personalised number plate not notified to insurance, so showed as uninsured, later resolved with MIB.

In addition, police CV unit report that 64% of CARRIAGE OF DANGEROUS GOODS vehicles stopped this year had defects, incorrect paperwork, licences, or other problems.