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What should I include in a driving for work policy?

Improve driver safety wellbeing & behaviour

Check your driving for work policies are compliant

Why do I need a Driving for Work Policy?

The law says all companies must have policies and procedures to minimise risk – that includes a driving for work policy.

The Driving for Work Policy Builder is an online tool which will help you ensure you have a ‘good practice’ Driving for Work policy.

Once you’ve created your profile, you’ll be able to:

  • Access a driving for work policy template and checklist to ensure you’ve got everything covered
  • Create a driving for work policy document that meets legal and compliance standards
  • Get email alerts for any changes in guidance or legislation that could affect your policy
  • Receive an annual reminder to review your policy, with any changes that may be required 

Create your free profile now to get started.

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Why do I need a Driving for Work Policy?

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The law says all companies must have policies and procedures to minimise risk – and that includes the recognised risks around driving.
Your driving for work policy is how you demonstrate your commitment to doing this well. Driving for work is one of the highest-risk activities that most employees undertake. It is also a significant cost to the business. Employers that manage road risk well have peace of mind that they are legally compliant, are regarded as better places to work, and perform at a higher level of efficiency than those that don’t. Register today for access to our free Driving for Work Policy Builder.


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Working with the National Highways Commercial Vehicle Incident Prevention Team, we have produced a free toolkit for you to share with your van drivers raising their awareness of key issues around compliance, safe driving, vehicle roadworthiness and fitness to drive.

These resources will help you communicate vital safety information, strengthening your driving for work policies and safe driving culture, as well as dispelling uncertainty and myth.

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