There are an estimated 14 million grey fleet vehicles on UK roads being used for business journeys. Regardless of the reason for the journey – whether your employee is driving to a customer meeting half way across the country or driving to the shop to pick up milk during the working day – their private car insurance must cover them for business use.

Our experience at Selenity is that not all employees have the right cover. In helping our customers we’ve discovered a disturbing trend – we’ve found that 21 percent of drivers are failing our insurance checks and may not be eligible to drive for work purposes, that’s one in five motorists.

It’s a shocking set of statistics that points to an issue that business owners shouldn’t be ignoring – their employees are breaking the law, either inadvertently or potentially on purpose.

In our new Grey Fleet Review, Adam Bamford – Expedite Services Manager at HR and Finance specialists Selenity – looks at what processes need to be put in place to demonstrate that you are meeting your duty of care obligations.

You can read Adam’s full article in our Grey Fleet Review

Adam Bamford
Expedite Services Manager

Our Grey Fleet Review contains the following articles:

John Prior – Chair, ACFO
A new word has entered our lexicon and it is ‘Mobility’

Simon Turner – Campaign Manager, Driving for Better Business
Has Britain begun to change its travel habits? Does grey fleet have a future?

Stephen Briers – Editor-in-Chief, Fleet News
Far too few companies manage their grey fleet drivers adequately.

Can You Really Ditch Your Grey Fleet?
Enterprise show how it could save you time and reduce both costs and emissions.

On a Wing and a Prayer
Research shows that grey fleet drivers across Europe are not undertaking basic vehicle maintenance.

New BVRLA strategy to address grey fleet problem
Excessive costs and emissions means grey fleet is an issue that needs to move with the times.

Out of Control
Companies are losing essential controls for monitoring safety, emissions and compliance.

Why your true grey fleet may be bigger than you think
Many businesses with active grey fleets simply do not realise the level of responsibility they have.

1 in 5 Drivers Fail Insurance Checks
Expenses experts Selenity found 21% of grey fleet drivers are failing insurance checks and may not be eligible to drive for work purposes.

How do our Champions manage Grey Fleet?
Examples of how a selection of our Driving for Better Business Champions manage their grey fleet.

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