Driving for Better Business has teamed up with Project EDWARD (European Day Without A Road Death) to create a simple 10 question quiz around some of the contributory factors for serious collisions.

Business drivers are often unwittingly, or sometimes knowingly, putting other road users at risk in so many ways, often through a lack of awareness of the facts and consequences.

2018’s day of action is Wednesday 19th September

See if you, or any of your drivers, can answer 10 simple questions on:

  • What proportion of positive breath tests are conducted ‘the morning after’?
  • How many crashes could be eliminated by purchasing cars with ‘AEB’?
  • What is the penalty for using a hand-held phone – still a common offence?
  • What must a driver not do on one of our new ‘Smart’ motorways?
  • Do you know when different speed limits apply for vans?
  • What is the truth about your grey fleet?

Think you know the answers to these and more?

Take the ‘Driving at Work’ quiz here

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