A study conducted by TyreSafe revealed Britain’s motorists could be spending up to £600 million on unnecessary fuel bills and putting themselves and other road users at risk. Why? Because research suggests that a staggering 57% of tyres in the UK are under-inflated by at least 4psi (more than 10%) which causes them to wear out faster, use more fuel, and cause dangerous handling problems.

This key message around checking tyre pressures forms the core of the new 2017 Tyre Safety Month Campaign, launched at The Belfry on 6th June by TyreSafe Chairman Stuart Jackson, and to be held in October.

The new campaign asks drivers “Are you having a bad air day?” and encourages drivers to check their tyre pressures monthly. By keeping tyres at the correct pressures they will last longer, use less fuel, improve handling and braking performance, and improve safety.

The dangers are obvious yet research carried out by TyreSafe during a survey in 2014 found that 61% of drivers hadn’t checked their tyre pressures in the last month and 11% had never checked their tyre pressures.

The risk to business

If your business employs staff that do high mileages, or staff that make business journeys in their own cars (your grey fleet) you really should be encouraging them to check their tyres regularly and monitoring this where possible, perhaps with random car park checks. The risk to the business in allowing drivers to use poorly maintained tyres is considerable and the financial costs from additional wear and fuel use can be considerable.

For more information on the problem of under inflated tyres visit the TyreSafe website