Arval UK is one of the world’s leading vehicle leasing and fleet management companies, funding more than 96,000 cars and vans in the UK alone. They have also been a Business Champion for over 10 years and have just updated their case study. The highly impressive results prove how effective management of those who drive for work delivers not only short-term benefits but impressive long-term benefits too.


  • Collision rate down by 67%
  • Repair costs down by 82%
  • Third party claims down by 84%
  • Total savings over £180,000 per year compared to 2005

The most important impact our fleet safety programme has, is that it reduces the road risk of our drivers, all staff involved in our initiatives, and ultimately helps to improve the safety of the communities around us. However, there are clearly additional benefits that we realise such as a reduction in costs, an increase in driver satisfaction and a lessening of our environmental impact.
Tracey Fuller, Engagement Manager and Road Safety Ambassador


The company fleet is made up 280 company car drivers and a further 220 drivers using their own cars for business journeys.

The use of mobile phones has been completely banned while driving on business. A key element of the success of this policy is that management is fully behind it and understands that the business doesn’t actually suffer as a result.

The company car list only includes vehicles that scored the full 5-star rating in the EuroNCAP safety tests. As the fleet goes through its natural renewal cycle, the cars become progressively safer with better protection for drivers and better safety technology to prevent accidents in the first place. It also has a positive impact on fleet insurance.

All drivers undertake a risk assessment of their driving capabilities and road knowledge with follow up on-road training, safety workshops or e-learning modules depending on their risk rating. Arval’s ‘Drive4Life’ road safety programme is also extended to ALL employees whether they drive for work or not which has help staff feel more valued.

Arval doesn’t just focus on its own employees though. It has well established programmes for helping its own customers and suppliers with fleet safety forums and seminars, and engages in a lot of community projects to raise awareness of road safety issues with school children and young drivers.

You can read the full Arval case study here