After months of hard work by the team, the start of June sees the official launch to business of the newly refreshed Driving for Better Business campaign with the most obvious element being the new website and its updated range of resources.

We’re also embarking on a major survey of businesses through our partners at Executive Grapevine who run the Business Grapevine and HR Grapevine websites with over 200,000 readers between them. This will give us insight into some of the key issues we’ll be looking at including attitudes to legal compliance and how fast developing vehicle safety technologies are affecting both business owners, fleet/safety managers and drivers.

We started launching the campaign regionally to our stakeholders last month to demonstrate the resources we now have available. We will be running our own event programme around the country from September (details to be announced soon) but we will also be supporting other initiatives run in your region with local authorities, business networks and road safety professionals who will use their own local expertise to help us spread the message far and wide.

The resources include:

Risk management guide

Does your business need cars and vans to operate? If so then this guide gives you a massive amount of useful information that will not only help you to make your business compliant and manage the risk well, but it should also help you identify and reduce unnecessary costs in your business avoidable collisions.

Free online risk assessment tool

We’re in the process of updating our work-related road safety business risk assessment tool and we’ll issue an update when this has been completed. The risk assessment will cover all the potential gaps a company might have including management activities, policies and procedures, driver eligibility and competence, vehicle suitability and maintenance, as well as journey planning and emergency procedures.

Guide to writing a safe driving policy

You must have one so here is a guide to help you get started. Find out what to put in it, and how to communicate it.

Help with measuring and monitoring

If you’re not measuring it, you’re not managing it! Our downloadable template will help you start to track where the costs are, and where you should take further action to stop your profits getting eaten away.

Next Steps

From fleet management software to telematics, driver training to safer vehicles, dash cameras to official recognition of your progress – here are some tips to help you pursue good practice, and reduce costs even further.

Latest vehicle safety tech

No driver can concentrate for 100% of the time on every journey so the latest advanced vehicle safety technology and driver assistance systems can help prevent crashes caused by inattention and distraction.

Risk management toolkit

Download some of the most useful and important free resources to help you understand work-related road risk and manage it effectively.

The Driving for Better Business network

Join our network to get access to loads of free useful information and guides, interviews with key thought leaders, and our upcoming calendar of live and online events.

Business Champions

Our Business Champions form the core of the Driving for Better Business campaign. While we’re promoting a message that better management of those who drive for work can save you money – they prove it’s possible, and how! Hundreds of thousands of pounds saved and big reductions in insurance premiums and hidden costs. We’re updating the case studies for our existing Business Champions and are also in the process of recruiting a raft of well-known new ones into the fold to share their stories with you.


There will be features, surveys, reports interviews with Business Champions, insights into key issues and the latest developments – all written to better inform you and help you manage your vehicles and drivers more effectively.


Our business outreach events will include local breakfast briefings, seminars and conferences, and online webinars. All are free to attend, and delegates will get additional free resources, but places are normally limited so its first come first served. Make sure you join the network to get advance notice of these events and be sure to book your places early.

I hope you find these resources useful. We’ll be constantly creating more resources and working with our partners to provide you with as much support as possible. We’d also welcome any suggestions for future content, support materials or feature articles.

If you can, please share these resources as widely as possible, both within your own business and also through your local business networks. Managing work-related road risk well can improve your own business efficiency, but helping others, including your supply chain and customers, to manage it better as well can magnify the effects, reducing congestion and disruption, and improving the whole economy for everyone.

Best regards
Simon Turner
Campaign Director