A key area of the grey fleet market that is frequently overlooked is the way it’s being fuelled by a growing tendency for cash allowances to be offered to employees.

Employees often see a cash allowance as a win-win situation; if they do already have a car in the household, it makes running it appear more economically viable. More commonly, and no longer subject to company car policy, they will choose the vehicle they really want to drive which may be older, less fuel efficient and therefore have a greater environmental impact.

But cash allowance is a phenomenon which, says Ian Featherstone from the Energy Saving Trust, is potentially problematic.

Ian thinks that, by shifting responsibility for a vehicle used on company business to the employee, the company loses a large element of control – control that is essential for monitoring safety, emissions and compliance.

You can Ian’s full article in our Grey Fleet Review

Ian Featherstone
Account Manager, Supply Chain
Energy Saving Trust

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