The coronavirus is impacting every aspect of society, with the economy taking a hit and mobility restricted throughout the world. As the outbreak worsens, there’s a growing concern for hygiene within the UK.

The World Health Organization has released precautionary measures informing people of the importance of hygiene. To minimise the chance of catching coronavirus, individuals are strongly advised to regularly and thoroughly clean their hands, either with an alcohol-based hand rub or water and soap – to kill the virus and prohibit the spread.

Good hygiene is crucial in all areas of society, including for those who drive for work. Delivery drivers and supply engineers, for example, should ensure their vehicles are sanitised – especially if a number of employees are sharing the same vehicle. It is essential to wipe down company vehicles before and after use to get rid of any bacteria yourself or a college may have spread.

Disinfecting the workplace doesn’t just apply to an office environment, in fact, those who drive for work come into contact with a number of potentially high-risk environments. Whether that be delivering to multiple people throughout the working day, or coming into contact with a number of potentially infected products or packages.

To ensure the health and safety of all employees who drive for work, hygiene needs to be at the top of businesses agenda. Additionally, in cases where travel is not essential, employees should opt for remote working to minimise the risk.