TV hosts Suzi Perry and Ortis Deley have teamed up with National Highways to urge drivers to get a better understanding of smart motorways.

The TV presenters are working with National Highways to produce helpful and practical videos and clips featuring advice and information about using the roads.

Footage shows the pair driving on sections of smart motorway, discussing the differences from conventional motorways and explaining how technology is used to keep traffic moving and motorists as safe as possible.

Suzi and Ortis describe how signs and signals give motorists information about the road ahead, including possible obstructions in the road. They also talk about technology being rolled out across the country to detect vehicles that have stopped in live traffic lanes.

They explain what to do in an emergency and also describe Red X signs, emergency areas, how all lane running sections of motorway operate and the use of variable speed limits to reduce congestion.

Suzi, who fronts BT Sport’s coverage of MotoGP, said:

Every driver gets better with more experience and more knowledge about the roads they use. These videos are a quick and easy guide to how smart motorways operate.

Ortis, a star of Channel 5’s The Gadget Show, said:

Smart motorways aim to reduce congestion for millions of motorists. Learning how to use them safely is a great way to contribute to road safety.

I’d advise anyone who uses the roads to watch the videos to ensure they know the best course of action in the rare event they break down on their journey.

The videos are available on the National Highways Driving on Motorways web page.

National Highways Customer Service Director Mel Clarke said:

Everyone can learn to be a better and safer driver.

We’re investing hundreds of millions of pounds to make England’s motorways and major A-roads even safer and we can all play our part by making sure we and our loved ones know how to use the network safely.

Watch the Videos

Take a road trip
with Suzi and Ortis

How do
smart motorways work?

Do you know what to do
when you see a red X?

What do the traffic signs
and signals mean?

What if you break down
on a motorway?

What if you break down
in a ‘live’ lane?