Highways England works hard to help drivers understand how to be safe and feel safe while driving on England’s motorways, particularly the importance of obeying red x and variable speed limit signs and what to do in a breakdown.

Research by Driving for Better Business has shown that at least 85% of businesses use the motorway network and so a lot of motorway drivers are doing do for work purposes. By following the signs, drivers can play their part in helping to keep us all moving and make journeys safer, smoother and more reliable.

Whatever part of England’s motorway network you’re using, we want you to stay safe, follow the signs and keep us all moving. England’s motorways connect people to families and friends, workers to jobs and businesses to their customers, which helps our nation thrive.

The motorway network is changing with new technology used to monitor and manage the flow of traffic, and to improve safety. We want all drivers to have a safer, smoother journey. Here’s what they need to know.

Breaking Down

Knowing what to do in an emergency or a breakdown is the key to keeping yourself and others stay safe.

Red X

When you’re driving along a motorway and you see a sign marked with a red X, it means stay out of that lane because there’s a hazard up ahead.

Variable Speed Limits

Variable speed limits are there to keep you safe and keep the traffic moving. If you exceed the speed limit then you may be fined.

Keep Left

When you’re driving along a motorway you should keep left unless you’re overtaking, no matter how many lanes the motorway has.

We’d like to request your help by sharing information about how to use motorways with your employees – and not just those who drive on business, but all those who drive – even if that’s just commuting or private journeys.

Please share this link with your staff.